Amy Wu. Math/Econ major with a CS sequence (minor) at Claremont McKenna College ’18. DC area native, Budapest living for the Fall 2016 semester. Things that excite me: social entrepreneurship, tech innovation, solving problems, the outdoors, art museums, oatmeal squares.

Hi friends, welcome to my study abroad/life musings blog! Adventure with me as I learn to get comfortable outside of my comfort zone. I’m currently interning at Intel in California for the summer, and I’ll be heading to Budapest in August to study computer science and entrepreneurship at AIT-Budapest. Why am I attending a program for software engineering majors as a non-technical liberal arts student? I could probably write an entire series of blog posts about this, but it boils down to the desire to challenge myself with a change of pace and a mindset shift, the whole liking math and problem solving thing (although questionable when I’m struggling through a problem set at 1am), and seeing myself as a generalist (read: an incredibly indecisive person).