Excerpts from my scrapbook/sketchbook/journal

My motivation for starting this blog was to document and reflect on my study abroad experience for my own sake, and also for others reading my blog. I started keeping a separate journal/scrapbook/sketchbook of little doodles for the things that seemed too mundane to merit a blogpost about, or the things that were better remembered with colored pens and tape than a camera or keyboard. (There were also things, of course, that I wanted to remember strictly for myself.) But thinking back, I realize that little details were what made my experience, and especially as I go back to my first blog post about being raw and candid, I think those little details might be fun to share.

This was supposed to bear some semblance to a Mondrian painting, with the blocks of primary colors (although I didn’t have a yellow pen dark enough to write with) and black lines. This page materialized at some point after the halfway mark of the semester and I realized that I really didn’t have that much time left in Budapest. I jotted down some things that I wanted to do before leaving.
I drew this when December hit and holiday decorations appeared around every corner. I hadn’t drawn in years, but really enjoyed it as a kid, so I picked up a pen and tried to make it mildly festive with the Christmas lights… in retrospect, attempting to shade with yellow was not the best choice.
Just a scrapbook page of tickets from Vienna – the Belvedere was RAD.
This happened when I was trying (and failing) to be productive in a little cafe that ended up being one of my favorite go-to places to people-watch and work.
Bullet points that were supposed to jog my memory of the things that happened in the various places I traveled over fall break.
Another scrapbook page of things from Berlin and Geneva.
I made this after seeing the Modigliani exhibit at the National Gallery and being in pure awe.
Janine (a CMC friend) came to visit me in Budapest for a weekend. It was rainy and miserable outside, but we had a really good time nonetheless. 🙂



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