Must dos v.2: 3 weeks until I leave

This version is perhaps a little less “cool things I’ve enjoyed so far and am looking forward to frequenting for the rest of the semester” and more “cool things I’ve enjoyed and will really miss way too soon.” Bittersweet, but so glad I got to enjoy these in the first place.


  1. Bors GasztroBár: there’s basically no seating so you usually have to take your food to go, and it can get pretty crowded during peak hours, but hands down best sandwiches and soups in Budapest. Maybe anywhere.
  2. Fragola: good gelato. There’s gelato at almost every street corner here in the summer, and sometimes you can get it for less than 40 cents per scoop, but there’s no guarantee that it’s worth even the 40 cents… Fragola is a little pricier at maybe 90 cents (“pricier”) and worth every penny!
  3. Local Korner: pizza. My roommate and I deemed this our midterm study fuel and will undoubtedly fuel finals study sessions next week as well.
  4. BAOtiful Beer & Bao Bar: hipster Asian-fusion street food. Basically a food truck backed into a converted warehouse space with the ambience of what someone described as an “opium den.”

Not Food:

  1. Monkey Boulder: writing this one down comes with a tinge of guilt because I haven’t been in almost two months now, but climbing here is a blast. Especially good for future AITers because it’s so close to campus, and there’s even a study area and slack line!
  2. Szabó Ervin Könyvtár: a stunning public library housed in (and later built around) an old palace. Wifi isn’t free so this is actually a fantastic place to do problem sets/work that doesn’t require the internet/read.
  3. Lámpás Student Pub: chill underground pub with live music and great vibes. That sounds super cliche, I realize – I’m not even sure I know what “great vibes” really means, but I figure here is where I should make the disclaimer that my opinion of these places might be tinted by the rose-colored glasses of warm memories associated with these places rather than the quality of these places themselves. 🙂 Needless to say, I had a great time here with friends both old and new, and it was cool to see worlds collide and even engage in witty banter with each other.
  4. E-exit Escape Room: Fun fact: escape games originated in Budapest! As someone who likes math and climbing for the problem-solving aspect of both, I really enjoyed puzzling this out with the abroad friends and visiting friend from CMC mentioned above.

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