Week 8 (already??)

Cue Green Day’s “Wake Me Up When September Ends” because 1) pop-punk never dies, 2) I have the stomach flu so I’m wrapped up in blankets while doing a bit of wallowing in my own misery right now, and 3) September just ended but I feel like we jumped straight from August to October. Where did the past month go? Or the real question: where did my presence on this blog go for the past month?

I promise I haven’t been MIA in real life – I’ve:

  1. Started classes – I’m taking 5, yikes, but I really do like them all: Combinatorial Optimization, Cryptography, IT Entrepreneurship, Design Workshop, and Hungarian Language.

    The swanky new tech startup idea my team pitched for IT Entrepreneurship.
  2. Traveled to two new countries and two new Hungarian cities – Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; Lake Balaton; and Szentendre.
    CMC Stagthenas in Vienna!

    Beautiful, rustic Lake Balaton.
  3. “Settled in” – whatever that means in terms of making new friends, getting past the honeymoon phase and subsequent low and then leveling out, and establishing new routines. I think I expected to ease into this transition more so than having to take so many leaps of faith, much the way it feels like August jumped to October and the weather dropped 30 degree overnight a few weeks ago from a balmy 80° to a bitter, rainy 50°. I probably learned something about the dynamism of life here – to not wait for that perfect or “aha” moment, because sometimes it never comes or is gone before you even realize it. It’s also important to be able to see the impermanence of most things (or people), which is a classic blindspot of the perfectionist mindset…

Needless to say, the above musing is probably the main reason I have so many unfinished posts sitting in my drafts and so few published ones on my actual blog. Note to self: the “oh, I’ll finish that later when I’ve hashed out my thoughts on the situation or once the situation has played itself out” justification is a trap – chances are that I’ll never fully wrap my head around all facets of a situation and closure is never a given. I’ll probably end up publishing some of the many posts I have sitting in my drafts retroactively, though, so do stay tuned for the September part of my blog archive to populate!


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